Samsung Wireless Audio Baby Monitor

As I look at my son now I can't believe he's 4 years old. I still remember when he was a tiny baby and I sat by his side afraid to move. I wanted to be right there in case anything happened and he needed me.

Eventually I did have to move but that's when the parenting hearing started. If your a parent you know what I mean. You'd run back into the room because you think you heard a sound. Of course your child would still be sound asleep. Still you'd repeat this same scenario countless times over the day no matter how much the laundry needed to be done, dinner needed to be made or you just needed time to sit down.

For parents dealing with this issue I have a something for you. Let me introduce you to the Samsung SEW-2100W Audio Baby Monitor.

Samsung SEW-2100W Audio Baby Monitor

The Samsung SEW-2100W Audio Baby Monitor is part of Samsung's new Simple and Secure line of baby monitors. This audio monitor provides clear audio quality for up to a 900 ft. range. The monitor also has rechargeable batteries along with a low battery alarm to make your life easier. The SEW-2001w is built with the latest DECT Digital Wireless Technology for full and clear sound with a 1.8 Ghz interference free connection.

Now no more running around the home to see if you really heard what you thought you heard!

Set up is as easy as just pushing a button and you also can receive alerts if there are high sound levels or only hear sound from your baby's room if they reach a certain level, allowing you to concentrate on multitasking while he or she is taking a nap (let's face it, there's never rest for mommy and nap time is a chance to get stuff done!)

I bet by now you're thinking of where can you get your hands on one right? Like I said I remember those days of running into my son room every few minutes to check. I'm sure you can buy from any major retailer!

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