Luvs Breastfeeding "First Kid/Second Kid" Video

If you've been a reader of this blog for a while you've seen my breastfeeding posts and know I'm pro breastfeeding. So when I heard that one of Luvs Diapers "First Kid/Second Kid" online videos featured a breastfeeding mom in public, I couldn't click fast enough to watch that.


Note: Luvs diapers for this giveaway is being donated as a thank you for my participation in the "First Kid/Second Kid" promotion. All personal views and breastfeeding stories expressed are always 100% my own.

What's the "First Kid/Second Kid" video series about? Seems Luvs Diapers understands that many moms do things differently the second time around, so they developed this series of "First Kid/Second Kid" online videos to compare the way parents are with their first kid and how things changed with their second child.

I think it's an interesting issue to explore since by the time the second child arrives, most moms (and dads) I know have a whole different approach to parenting. I think after surviving the baby raising process the first time, parents now have confidence to their parenting skills.

And when it comes to breastfeeding in public, a confident mom is a wonderful sight to see.

And in the case of this Luvs "Breastfeeding" online video, confidence is what's brought to light. "Breastfeeding" takes a light-hearted, humorous look at how a mom handled a one tricky parenting scenario - two completely different ways - once as a first-time mom, and once as a second-time parent.

My thoughts? Well after I stop laughing I had to give a head nod to Luvs Diapers for not only tackling such a sensitive subject but for also hitting the right note of humor.

Black Moms Breastfeeding

Like the first time mom in the video, I also sat in corner with a cover when I had to breastfeed my son. When my son was younger I traveled with him everywhere. So I always needed to be prepared to breastfeed him. Cover and all. Even on the NYC subway train.

For me breastfeeding was a great experience, but I admit it does take getting use to. Now that I've gone through the process, I know if I have a 2nd child I can be more confident about breastfeeding in public. Will I be as confident as that mom in video? If and when I have a 2nd child we'll find out!

To see “Breastfeeding,” the Luvs “First Kid/Second Kid” video, along with three other “First Kid/Second Kid” scenario, visit Luvs YouTube channel -

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  1. My daughter would relate to the brestfeeding video the most! She stayed home mostly with the 1st, but got more adventerous with the 2nd!

  2. i did not breastfeed.

  3. I relate to the temperature video the most! I recall doing the exact same thing with the thermometer many times.

  4. I relate to the Park video the most. I seems to take the whole house with me. Maybe I'll be different with the 2nd.

  5. i am 2 months into being a 2nd time mom and i can totally relate. i am definitely a lot more relaxed and the breastfeeding thing is right on for me!

  6. I relate to the Changing Station video, lol

  7. The breast feeding one for sure. Patricia

  8. Hahaha those videos are hilarious. I can relate to all of them. I always pack too much when going out, I used to freak out at the changing station, always use a nursing cover... I'm a little better with the temperatures now, though.

  9. I can relate more to the changing station video!

  10. I can relate to taking the temperature.. so needed the manualon the 1st and worrying if temperature was too high.. now.. just a feel or just watch for signs of getting sick.. i am more at ease

  11. Haha that breastfeeding video is great! I can relate to that. With my second son we were on a horse carriage ride and he was crying so much that I just decided to nurse him right there! Wouldn't have done that with my first! :)

    Jennifer Marie

    lilnursejen at yahoo dot com