Verizon Wireless Rating System for Children's App

Most parents are familiar with TV, film and video game ratings—but what about mobile apps? As more and more children and teens own smartphones and mobile devices, online safety and content has become more important than ever.

Verizon Rating System for Children's App

Verizon Wireless recently announced it is the first carrier to implement a newly developed mobile app rating system for all of its apps, including legacy apps, within the Verizon Apps Store. The ratings, developed by the CTIA and Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), are similar to those assigned to video games and were designed to provide parents with info about the age-appropriateness of apps.

The ratings extend beyond content, focusing on app functionality, privacy, and includes 3 key components:
  • Age Rating: The age rating category (often identified via a rating symbol), suggests age appropriateness for an app (e.g., Everyone, Everyone 10+, Teen, Mature)
  • Content Descriptors: Content descriptions highlight elements that may have triggered a particular rating and/or may be of interest or concern (e.g., Blood, Nudity, Violence, etc.)
  • In-app Elements: In-app elements refer to app functionality that may be of interest or concern, including possible exposure to unfiltered user-generated content, displaying a user’s location to other users, or the sharing of user-provided personal information with third parties.
Verizon Wireless is a leader in this regard—along with the adoption of the mobile app rating system, the company was also the first wireless provider to offer exclusive age-appropriate Content Filters to customers at no additional charge, allowing them to regulate content access.

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