Red Zipper "The Pouffe" Storage Chair 40% Off Sale

When space to put your things seems to be an ever-dwindling resource, Red Zipper Designs has created a solution that is as elegant as it is comfortable.The brainchild of two enterprising, if not frustrated mothers, "The Pouffe" is the obvious solution to reducing clutter.

Red Zipper The Pouffe Storage Chair

Red Zipper has made The Pouffe out of soft, yet durable micro-suede fabric, and strong high-quality stitching. It is completely washable and comes in four colors: Blueberry, Chocolate, Coffee, and Raspberry.

The Pouffe's sophisticated design can hold 5,650 cubic inches of storage for stuffed animals, toys, quilts, pillows and seasonal clothing, making it perfect for a child's playroom. It can also store rigid books and folders without any trace of discomfort when lounging on it, which makes Red Zipper's Pouffe a college dorm room essential!

The Pouffe is available for $160 direct from Red Zipper Designs' website, but exclusively for Labor Day Weekend, you can save yourself from clutter for 40% off the normal price!

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