Living Proof New Prime Style Extender

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At an event hosted in the Bryant Park hotel, Living Proof introduced the Prime Style Extender, their latest product aimed at addressing the endless hair care routine women face of shampoo, condition, style, rinse and repeat.

Living Proof New Prime Style Extender

Prime Style Extender not only doubles the lifespan of any hair style, it also enhances shine and keeps hair cleaner longer.

Additional Benefits:
  • Weightlessly; ideal foundation for any styler
  • Formulated without any silicones or oils, Prime is easily compatible with other stylers
  • Created with priming emollients that smooth cuticles, correct hair texture and detangle, increasing resistance to breakage from styling, Prime not only lets styles last longer, but hair looks smoother, healthier and shinier.

Living Proof New Prime Style ExtenderLiving Proof New Prime Style Extender

During the event the presentation explained the need for a product that like Prime Style Extender
A recent study showed that, women spend countless hours styling their hair. It’s an endless routine of shampoo, condition, style, rinse and repeat. Even when your style is perfected, it doesn’t always keep – it can become unruly, unmanageable, dirty, flat and lackluster long before the day is done.

In fact, 6 out of 10 women report that their hair styles do not last more than half a day1.

To tackle the problem of short shelf-life hair styles, Living Proof looked at the root cause of the problem. First, they studied what happens when a hair style is set – as the hair is heated and dried, temporary hydrogen bonds are formed to “set” the style. As soon as moisture vapor re-enters the hair, it disrupts these temporary, weak hydrogen bonds. Throughout the day, moisture levels in the environment are constantly changing due t o the weather, air conditioning or heating indoors, and eventually the weak hydrogen bonds break down, causing the hair style to fail.
Powered by Living Proof’s miracle molecule, OFPMA, this new formula protects hydrogen bonds from breaking and repels dirt and oil to prolong the life of any style.

The Prime Style Extender is available for $20 at Sephora stores and online.

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Please Note: I was invited as media and received a gift bag after the event. No other compensation was received. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

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