Litter Free Lunch Bag by New Wave Enviro : healthy portion control & reduce waste

Recently New Wave Enviro introduced their Litter Free Lunch Bag which focuses on healthy portion control and reducing lunch box waste.

New Wave Enviro Litter Free Lunch Bags

The average elementary age child bringing their lunch to school generates 67 lbs of waste. The eco- chic Litter Free Lunch Bag is completely waste free and comes with four BPA free modular containers and BPA Free Water Bottle, which are dishwasher and microwave safe.

The insulated bag comes in four stunning designs including the new Solid Charcoal Grey Color that appeals to both children and adults. The Litter Free Lunch bag has been CPSIA tested safe assuring parents that they are packing a safe, planet friendly lunch. While children are assured that they will have the coolest Lunch Boxes in the cafeteria.

The Litter Free Lunch Bag is just a small sub-set of New Wave's full Litter Free Lunch line which includes 100% reusable and recyclable #304 Food Grade Stainless Steel Food Containers, Rayon Lunch Bag made from Bamboo, and full line of sustainable BPA Free Bottles.

For more information on New Wave's Litter Free Lunch Line and other planet friendly products they manufacture visit
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