Gain "Laundry Basket" Craft Project for National Keep Kids Creative Week #KeepKidsCreative

Recently I received a package from Gain Laundry with a fun "laundry" project for me and my son.

Gain Laundry Basket Craft Project for National Keep Kids Creative Week

The project is part of Gain's aim to bring awareness that this week is "National Keep Kids Creative Week". The Gain brand feels it's important to inspire and support creative in kids (and I suspect adults), so they invited a few moms to do a project with their kids that shows how doing laundry can be fun.

Do a fun project with my kid while teaching him how to do laundry? Of course I said yes! My son is four years old but I'm a believer that it's never too early to start training them to do housework. If done right there's a lot of fun putting dirty laundry into the hamper. Especially if it's a hamper your child has decorated and personalized themselves.

So what's in my package? Our project hamper came filled with all sorts of cool things like constructions paper, stickers, colored plastic tape, markers and of course Gain laundry products so we can get clean clothes when our project is finished.

Right now we're still in the middle of working on our hamper but it will be done this weekend so stay tuned for the "reveal" and laundry fun times! Until then check out Gain Facebook page for ideas to create a unique laundry basket so you're family can join in.

Please Note: I'm being compensated by Gain for sharing about Nat Keep Kids Creative Week and participating in "Laundry Basket" Craft Project. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

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