CTA Digital Kids Adjustable Activity Table for iPad

Do you allow your child to play with your iPad, while worrying about it getting dropped or damaged? I admit I sure do, so I was excited that CTA Digital recently introduced their new "Kids Adjustable Activity Table for iPad", designed to protect the iPad device while giving kids a sturdy surface on which to draw, play, and learn. Brilliant!

CTA Digital Kids Table for iPad

The CTA Digital Kids Activity Table for iPad 2 and new iPad is a kid-sized desk that has a special iPad holder tray and stand that gives accessibility and ease-of-use to the tablet.

CTA Digital Kids Table for iPad

It can hold the iPad in both horizontal and vertical perspectives, and the included stand secures the tablet at 3 different angles so kids can comfortably watch a video or play with their favorite app.

CTA Digital Kids Table for iPadCTA Digital Kids Table for iPad

Adjustable legs let you adapt the table to the right height (even as low as floor level) for toddlers, preschoolers and older children. The tablet tray in the center of the table securely holds the new iPad or iPad 2 with a fitted cover featuring a clear touch screen protector to guard against scratches, smudges, and fingerprints.

While the tray is locked in place, an iPad can't be dropped or misplaced. The table tray has a reverse side that is a simple flat surface, turning the Kids Adjustable Activity Table into an ideal space for writing, drawing and other activities.

The Kids Adjustable Activity Table can be purchased on Amazon and anywhere CTA Digital products are sold.

Learn more about CTA Digital - http://www.ctadigital.com

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