Back to School Routine with Tropicana Orange Juice #Tropimommas

This morning was the day. The day my son goes back to school.

Last night I set my alarm to wake me a few minutes more the usual so I can slowly get back into the "getting ready for school" routine.

Our routine consists of me waking up early to prepare his lunch and snack for the day. Check the weather and if needed then adjust the clothing choice for the day. Take out a few breakfast items. THEN I go and wake up my son. This usually means a 5 minute fight since my son is not a morning person and rarely wakes up in a good mood.

Surprises of surprises today was different.

Back to School Routine with Tropicana

My son woke up without much of a fight, washed his face, brushed his teeth, got dressed and sat down for breakfast. This morning I made sure to include a cup of Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice along with his breakfast. Starting a morning with a cup of Tropicana orange juice gives my son his day’s supply of 2 fruit servings and Vitamin C (and many other nutrient like B-vitamin folate and thiamin) which will help support his immune system.

This is very very important because my son's new school doesn't serve the children anything else besides milk and water for the rest of the day.

That's right. Nothing else. The parents aren't allowed to provide ANY type of juices or drinks for the kids. The school wants to cut down on the amount of sugar kids receive during the day. I wanted to point out to the school nurse that Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice has no added sugar. But didn't want to be THAT parent.

Back to School Routine with Tropicana

Instead, I find different ways of getting my son the nutrients he needs, like starting his day with a cup of orange juice. My son likes his juice in the mornings! I feel good about using Tropicana Pure Premium because it's made from fresh oranges and is 100% pure and natural. Keeping my son healthy in a tasty way!

Back to School Routine with Tropicana

After finishing his breakfast my son was ready to go back to school. When the bus came he quickly said goodbye, hopped on and was off to receive an education. Thanks to Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice, his back to school morning started off with what he needs to enjoy the day.

How was your first back to school morning routine? How did you start the morning? Anything fun for breakfast?

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Please Note: As part of the Tropicana "TropiMomma" Ambassador program, I was compensated for this post but any views expressed and adorable kid back to school experience are 100% my own.

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