Red's All Natural Chicken Burrito Review

I'll be honest, I'm a big fan of burritos. Rice, beans, and all sorts of other yummies in an easy to travel wrap? What's not to love? Did you know that Red's All Natural has a line of all natural burritos, that are hormone-free with organic ingredients? Yeah I didn't know that either but I was happy to find out....and taste test.

Red's All Natural Chicken Burrito

After receiving my Red's All Natural coupons, I made a quick stop at my local Duane Reade to pick up a few to try. I was surprised how large the burritos were. I figured it might be the packaging and after cooking/reheating the burrito would shrink. Nope these burritos really are that large

The instructions said you can either use the oven or the microwave. After some trail and error I would recommend you try both to get an even heating and a firm outer shell. If you don't mind your tortilla being on the softer side then microwave option works just fine.

The size portion is more then enough to feed two people. My chicken burrito was really filled with rice, black, corn, bell peppers and all more. The taste was a bit on the light side but still good. I did expect a heavier seasoned taste but then I like my food spicy and heavy seasoned.

So if you need a break from cooking for the family, pick up a few Red's All Natural Burritos and enjoy a cook free dinner night.

Red's All Natural Burritos

Red’s All Natural 11oz burritos can be found in the frozen food section of a retailer near you. Available in four delicious flavor combinations: turkey molĂ©, chicken, steak and bean and rice. Red’s All Natural products have a frozen shelf life of 18 months.

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Please Note: I received a product sample for review purpose. No other compensation was received. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

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