Oogieloves BIG Balloon Adventure Webcast & Gift Basket

Last month I attended the Kenn Viselman Roundtable and screening for The Oogieloves Movie. As you can tell from my event recap, I really like how the movie was made to be family friendly and interactive.

Oogieloves BIG Balloon Adventure movie

When I learned about the BlogHer Family Day with The Oogieloves, I was excited that more families would get a chance to learn more about the movie and Kenn's purpose. I wanted to join in the BlogHer Family Day fun with The Oogieloves but wasn't able to. I was really bummed to miss out.

Then I received an email that they were sending me a Mommy and Me basket full of children's toys and games, as well as promotional items from the movie, since I wasn't able to attend their event.

Oogieloves BIG Balloon Adventure gift basket

My basket recently arrived filled with goodies for me and my son. Well really it was mostly filled with goodies for my son but that's OK. He was excited about the Oogieloves coloring pages, stickers and stencil since he remember them from the movie.

The movie really does leave a lasting impression on children and their families. Would you like to learn more about the movie AND talk LIVE to the Oogieloves!

For the first time ever -- and just a day before the nationwide release of The Oogieloves in the BIG Balloon Adventure, the first-ever interactive movie for families– Producer Kenn Viselman, and his loveable film stars, Goobie, Zoozie, and Toofie, will be speaking via a live webcast.
The event, to be held Tuesday, August 28th at 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time, offers unprecedented access to the creator and his colorful characters, allowing participants to learn first-hand about the mission to reinvent the movie-going experience by submitting questions via Twitter at hashtag #OogielovesLive.
You can access the webcast at: http://www.oogieloves.com/webcast

After, don't forget to get your tickets to see the movie on August 29, 2012. Theaters and showtimes are available NOW on Fandango.com and Movietickets.com. Just put in your zipcode and find a theater near you.

Why should you get your tickets now? Because at opening day every child gets a fun wand that glows in the dark -- it really helps make the film more of a family musical event than a regular 'ole movie.

I hope you go and see the movie, I'm sure you and your family will enjoy it.

To learn more about The Oogieloves like them on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TheOogieloves
Follow them on Twitter - http://twitter.com/theoogieloves

Please Note: I received the gift basket as a thank for sharing information about The Oogieloves Movie. No compensation was received. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

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