OMG Cases by Adrienne Maloof & SillyBandz

Adrienne Maloof of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” has collaborated with Croak, owner and creator of SillyBandz, to introduce OMG Cases for iPhones, which is the first of OMG Brandz’s line of products.

OMG Cases by Adrienne Maloof and SillyBandz

Maloof brought the concept to Croak and after researching the market, Croak found that no other company had integrated LED light-up technology into an iPhone case making it easier for women to find their iphones in their purses.

Croak and Maloof are very excited about the fact that their brainchild is a product that serves a functional purpose, while also being stylish and fun, at the same time. With the help of LED technology, OMG Cases flash to signal the owner, even while the phone is on mute or placed upside down. OMG Cases are powered by the phone itself, though the phone cases utilize very little of the phone’s actual battery life.

The initial run boasts over a dozen cases with varied prints and designs. The company will soon unveil more designs, including several exclusive licensed styles.

OMG Cases retail from $29.95 – $39.95 and will be available for purchase soon at to major retailers, as well as Kitson and

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