Learning to Play with Wonderworld Toys "Wonder Croquet Set" Review

I recently received the Wonder Croquet Set and was excited to teach my son how to use it. As a child I have a faint but fond memory of playing croquet and hoped to give my son a few fond memories also.

 The Wonder Croquet set

At first glance playing croquet might seem simple but it actually takes some critical thinking and physical skill to get that little ball into the goals. Of course trying to explain this to a 4 year old who only wants to hit the ball is a lost cause. The best I could try was to show him how to hold the stick (mallet) so he can hit the ball and step back.

 The Wonder Croquet set The Wonder Croquet set The Wonder Croquet set The Wonder Croquet set

What followed was a few hours of pure fun and laughter. Fun for my son and guilty laughter for me. No matter how I explained and showed by example my son missed hitting the ball...even when he was directly over it. But I have to give my son credit. He's no quitter. He kept playing *laughing*.

Over all he did well for his first croquet lesson. But I did catch him cheating a few times by putting the ball in the goals instead of using the mallet. Tsk! Clearly I have to give him a few more hours to improve his coordination. Good thing the Wonder Croquet Set is well made and can withstand my son learning curve.

 The Wonder Croquet set

Even though the Wonder Croquet Set is made for children, the wooden pieces are sturdy and well made. The animal characters designs are adorable, bright and has easily identifiable numbers to help kids while game playing. The Mallet comes in 2 pieces which makes it adjustable from younger short kids to older taller kids.

The Wonder Croquet Set is for ages 36 mos+, sells for $47.99 and is available at various retail stores and online at yoyo.com and Amazon.com.

Please Note: I received a product sample for review purpose. No other compensation was received. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

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