Geekorizing iPad Pillows & Protective Tech Gear

Protecting your beloved first iPad or e-Reader is now easier, thanks to the Chief Geek Seekers at Geekorize and these following products

The iPad tyPillow

The tyPillow (MSRP: $34.95), provides comfortable, hands-free iPad protection for users of all ages, especially for little surfers. Designed with a secure holder in the center of its beige or all-black tuft, this 17” x 17” microsuede pillow fits on a lap for hands-free use, while its protective surround ensures the device’s safety from drops.

Levo’s Deluxe iPad Floor Stand

Levo’s Deluxe Floor Stand (MSRP: $158.95) has a 48” articulating arm that places iPads at eye level (whether laying on the sofa, sitting on a chair, or working at a desk). Users are free to read, watch movies and utilize an endless assortment of apps all while the iPad is securely kept in place.

iPad SuperShell by M Edge

The SuperShell by M Edge (MSRP: $34.95) is made from ultra-protective closed-cell foam that helps absorb shocks. The case wraps around the iPad 2 and provides access to the rear-facing camera and speaker, with push buttons for volume and power. Available in Jungle Green, Pink, Purple and Cobalt Blue, the irresistible surround also features finely dimpled texture and ridges to create an easy, handheld grip while the thick, high-impact corners provide maximum protection.

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