Get a Coinstar sherpa bag to redeem loose coins

Do you have a lot of loose coin change just hanging around? I personally have a small hat box filled with loose chance I've been collecting. Did you know that there’s up to $10 billion worth of coins out of circulation in the United States? That's a lot of money that's just sitting there.

Coinstar kiosk and sherpa bagCoinstar kiosk and sherpa bag
Coinstar kiosk and sherpa bagCoinstar kiosk and sherpa bag

Recently I was contacted by Coinstar. They offered to send me one of their coin sherpa bags to encourage me to dust off the piggy banks and put my coins money to work! As soon as my coin sherpa bag arrived, I transferred all my loose coins from the box and made my way to the nearest Coinstar kiosk, which happened to be in my PathMark supermarket.

Coinstar kiosk and sherpa bagCoinstar kiosk and sherpa bag

Once in the supermarket, the Coinstar kiosk was easy to find. The system to redeem my coins was pretty straight forward and simple.

Coinstar kiosk and sherpa bag

I had the option of receiving either a cash voucher, gift card/ecertificate to many major stores or to donate to charity. Since I download a lot of apps and TV shows for my son, I chose to receive a itunes ecertificate.

Coinstar kiosk and sherpa bag

My son "helped" me put the coins in the "coin basket" so they can be sorted and counted.

Coinstar kiosk and sherpa bag

All my coins were quickly tallied and the screen showed me how much my total would be.

Coinstar kiosk and sherpa bagCoinstar kiosk and sherpa bag

When I was finished depositing my coins, I confirmed how I wanted them redeemed and received a receipt with my code. I finally made use of my loose coin change!

Coinstar kiosk and sherpa bag

Would you like to receive a Coinstar coin sherpa bag so you can bag and redeem your loose coin change? You can get one from now till August 26, 2012. Here’s how it works:
  1. Find a Coinstar near you:
  2. Enter in “Promo Code” COINBAG when you cash in your coins $5 or more for a cash voucher, No Fee eGift Card or Gift Cards. Pours for donation do not qualify. More details here:
  3. After you enter the “Promo Code” you’ll receive instructions printed on the bottom of your voucher for how to get your complimentary Coin Sherpa. (And there’s no shipping or handling fee!)
  4. Go to once you’ve completed your qualifying transaction to request your Coin Sherpa!
You must complete your transaction by August 26, 2012 and request your Coin Sherpa by September 10, 2012. Limited to the first 5000 requests. One per household. See terms and conditions.

Please Note: I received a coin sherpa bag with $5 so I could test out the Coinstar kiosk for review purpose. All other coins used were my own. No other compensation was received. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

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