Brookstone Back-to-School Tech Products

Many students are just beginning prepare for the inevitable return to school, which is just a couple months away. But gone are the days when back-to-school shopping meant a few pairs of jeans, new sneakers and a binder. Advances in technology allows more students to be constantly connected with smart, innovative products like the following

HDMI Pocket Projector

Available for pre-order now, the Brookstone HDMI Pocket Projector ($299.99) is a rechargeable, portable device that projects movies, presentations and games with a crisp image up to 60” on any flat surface. Students can create classroom presentations or the ultimate gaming center in their dorm room and play Xbox® or PS® games with the HDMI Pocket Projector.

Big Blue Live Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Big Blue Live Wireless Bluetooth Speaker ($99.99) is a small portable wireless speaker great for taking music everywhere you go. Stream music from any Bluetooth enabled device easily and listen to your personal music library, Internet radio, Pandora, and movies with exceptional sound quality. You can also use Big Blue Live as the perfect wireless speakerphone for calls!

Travel Tranquil Moments Alarm Clock Sound Therapy Machine

With the Travel Tranquil Moments® Alarm Clock Sound Therapy Machine ($99.99), students can take the alarm clock/sound therapy machine anywhere they go for a more sound sleep. They can doze to eight therapeutic sound programs, including clean white noise. The full-function alarm clock includes dual alarm settings and a built-in calendar.

ZIK ParrotWireless Headphones

The ZIK™ Parrot® by Starck Touch-Activated Wireless Headphones ($399.99) is designed by Philippe Starck and pairs fast via Bluetooth®wireless technology. Music is literally at your fingertips; a simple glide of your finger across the smooth earpiece panel controls volume and playlists and if you’d like to pause your jams, simply remove the headphones. You can also use the Zik™ Headphones to take phone calls.

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