BlogHer 12 Day 1: President Obama & Socializing

Can you believe my first day at the BlogHer 12 conference was history making? No not because I was there. This history making moment was made when President Barack Obama's spoke to conference attendees via a live video address. It was such an amazing moment and a great way to start the conference.


If you want to hear what President Obama had to say you can watch the video on the BlogHer website. Overall the address was mostly political but with a personal twist. When he mentioned single moms I admitted I teared up a bit.


It was good to hear that the President and his administration want to find solution for the needs of all women and mothers INCLUDING single moms (and dads).

After the president address, I spent the rest of my day (and night) meeting online and blog friends.


That first day and night I meet-up with Eva ( Marie (, Jeneba (, Oneika (, Desiree (


The after hours conference parties allowed me to run into so many people like Christine (, Jim (, Nadia ( and Melanie (, Ted Rubin and Matt Garcia (


I also stopped in some off site parties like Baby Shopaholic's Lipstick + High Heels party with EDEN Bodyworks. While checking out the fashion heels of the women at the party, I hung out with Candace ( and Krystel (

What a great way to start my first day (and night) at BlogHer 12!

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