Architec Housewares Recipe Rock & Eco Friendly Products

Soon it will be Labor Day and many families are preparing for family BBQ's. If you'd like an extra hand in the kitchen this year why not check out the Recipe Rock from Architec Housewares, which offers an innovative new way to hold recipes

Architec Housewares Recipe Rock

The Recipe Rock is a small 2-inch, sculpted, concave “rock” that holds up to eight pages of printed recipes upright at the perfect viewing angle, preventing the pages from sauce splatters and dirty hands. Recipe Rock is perfect for recipes from the Internet, magazines and even note-cards. And it is small enough to fit in a drawer or recipe box!

Recipe Rock is simple and extremely easy to use. Just remove the metal ball from the magnetic rock, place the pages upright in front of the rock and replace the ball on the rock with the papers in between.

Available in black, turquoise, lime green, white and red. Size: 2.25” X 2.25”. SRP $9.99.

Architec Housewares has many other products that would make a good addition to your kitchen including

Architec Polyflax Serving Bowl and Spoons

The Polyflax Serving Bowl and Serving Spoons which are made from recycled translucent PolyPropylene with flax husk or cellulose content suspended inside, the material produces an amazing-looking surface that is unique to each bowl and spoon. The bowls and spoons are manufactured in the USA by a zero waste Eco Factory that generates a portion of its own power. Serving Bowl Price: $24.99 ; Serving Spoons Price: $9.99

Architec Purelast Measuring Spoons and Cups

Purelast Measuring Spoons and Cups are produced from 80% natural materials like rice hull, ground bamboo and sesame oil, these cooking and baking essentials are featured in fun colors to spice up any kitchen. Both sets come in assorted colors featuring red, blue, yellow, natural and green. Measuring Spoons Price: $5.99; Measuring Cups Price: $9.99

Architec Daily Preps Refrigerator Containers

Daily Preps Refrigerator Containers have built-in push buttons marked by the day of the week, so you can identify what day you put food in the refrigerator. Sold in sets of four, featuring a transparent frosted bowl topped by the signature Architec red lid. Price: $12.99

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