Wahl’s New Hot & Cold Therapy Massager Soothes Pain Away

With so many people being active over the summer, there's bound to be some aches and pains. To help ease those aches, Wahl has introduced the new Hot & Cold Therapy Massager that adds to the company’s therapeutic lineup of pain management products.

Wahl Hot and Cold Therapy Massager

Wahl’s new Hot & Cold Therapy Massager combines soothing massage with temperature therapy.
Through an integrated temperature plate, users can easily use the heat setting to help increase circulation for muscle recovery or switch it to the cold setting to reduce muscle swelling and inflammation. The addition of temperature plus superior massaging power, two speed settings and four interchangeable attachments make Wahl’s latest innovation well-suited for the growing number of people experiencing muscle aches and pains on a routine basis.
The Wahl Hot & Cold Massager is ergonomically designed, with a light weight contoured body that makes it easy to hold. Its elongated design makes addressing hard-to-reach places more convenient while the innovative hot/cold plate provides a wide, flat surface area for maximum relief.

The Wahl Hot & Cold Therapy Massager will be available for $59.99 at select Walgreens, other retailers nationwide, online and at www.wahlhomeproducts.com

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