Command Clear Back-to-School Ideas

Back-to-school season can be a hectic time for many parents as they transition families back to into a daily routine. Luckily, Command Clear products offer quick and easy solutions for keeping important items neat and organized around the home.

Command Clear products utilize a revolutionary stretch-release technology to allow for damage-free organizing on a variety of surfaces in the home. Below are some simple back-to-school ideas to keep kids organized and save parents time.

Command Clear Back-to-School Ideas

Keep important reminders in plain sight: Keep calendars, to-do lists and and A+ homework front and center on the refrigerator. If you can't use magnets on your stainless steel refrigerator, try Command Clear fridge clips for damage-free hanging.

Command Clear Back-to-School Ideas

Create a homework station: Set up a designated homework station in the house so children can complete their assignments without distraction and use Command Clear caddies to store pens/pencils, markers, scissors, rulers, and other materials for easy access. You can also place chalkboard labels with children's names on the front of each caddy so each child has a specific home for their own homework supplies. You can reposition the caddies as your children grow taller, without leaving nail holes in the wall.

Organize a command center: Rid drawers and countertops of clutter by creating a command center. Dress up clipboards with scrapbook paper or decorative duct tapes, and neatly hang them on a wall or filing cabinet using Command Clear Utensil Hooks. This adds a colorful touch to your space while helping to organize mail and important paperwork.

Have the kids help out: Identify a specific area in the house for kids to store backpacks, jackets, sports equipment, etc. If closet space in limited, hang items on the walls using Command Clear medium hooks. You can also place name plaques above the hooks so each child has a special place to store their belongings.

Command Clear Back-to-School Ideas

Sleepover Party with Style: Back to school means more sleepovers for the kids! Create a personal spot for each of your children's guests in the bathroom. Fill Command Clear caddies with an assortment of toiletries and personalize each caddy with your guests name. Hang on or around a bathroom mirror to keep everyone's belongings neat and organized.

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