BlackRapid New Camera Gadgets: ProtectR, “Left Handed” Camera Straps & Colored Women’s Limited Edition

BlackRapid, creators of The Original Camera Sling, a revolutionary camera strap system, recently announced the launch of two new photography accessories, the Sport-L camera strap and the ProtectR.

BlackRapid Camera Bags and Straps

ProtectR - ProtectR features a solid lightweight 1.5mm steel security cable, which provides a perimeter barrier around the BlackRapid camera strap to prevent the strap from being cut. This is ideal for travelers who want added protection in unfamiliar surroundings.

In addition, the ProtectR adds a first level of deterrence by exposing the cable through small cut-aways in the fabric to reveal the cable to avoid any initial encounter, unlike other products where the strand is concealed and the offender is unaware of any protection. The ProtectR comes in two accommodating sizes.

Sport-L Strap - The Sport-L Strap is the world’s first camera strap designed exclusively for left-handed photographers. The strap is designed to fit the contour of a photographer who wants the camera strap to sit on their right shoulder while grabbing the camera from the left side of the body. The Sport-L Camera strap compliments BlackRapid’s Classic and Cargo camera straps that can be worn by right or left-handed shooters.

Women’s Strap - The BlackRapid Women's Strap is the camera strap designed for women, by women. The shoulder pad is ergonomically curved to fit the female body. This sleek durable design is available in classic black ballistic, black floral textured and now in a limited edition, BlackRapid is making the women's strap available in vivid white.

All products are available now at specialty photography retailers around the globe.

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