9 Emergency Safety Apps for Families

People use their phone to chat with friends, check emails, look at directions, or take pictures on vacation. Since most people's phones are literally “attached at their hip,” it’s a good idea to turn phone into a safety device so when an emergency situation occurs, families are prepared.

Emergency Safety Apps for Families

EmergencyLink, the online emergency and medical ID network and app, has developed a list of the top safety apps that everyone should have in their phone in case of an emergency this summer—the best $20 a person will ever spend.

  1. EmergencyLink (free)— One of the most powerful features is the ability to create a missing person's report with just one click of a button and electronically send it to the police. The iPhone version lets members upload documents (i.e. image of driver’s license) to their account with the iPhone’s camera. The iPhone version also has a lock screen “screen saver” that makes it easy for first responders to see and retrieve emergency contact information without having to know the phone’s password.
  2. Pocket First Aid and CPR ($1.99)—tutorials on CPR for adult, children, and infants, all provide by the American Heart Association.
  3. Safety NET ($3.99)— uses your Smartphone accelerometer to monitor for falls and collisions then automatically alerts your emergency contact when a accident happens. It calls using your speaker phone and sends a text, relaying your GPS Position.
  4. pMonitor ($1.99)— pMonitor is a comprehensive application for monitoring personal safety and providing alerts when an awkward or potentially dangerous situation occurs. It can be used as family locator, or used to supervise attendance compliance by monitoring movement to and from specific locations.
  1. Silent Bodyguard ($3.99)—panic button that calls the police so an attacker can’t hear. The app sends SOS email, text and Twitter/Facebook messages with your GPS location every 60 seconds–without alerting onlookers or an attacker.
  2. Poison Center Help (free)— connect users with their local poison center with just the click of a button. By clicking on the Poison Help logo, users will have free, confidential access to a medical expert who can answer questions about poisons or help users treat a poison exposure.
  1. Neighborhood Watch Official Mobile App ($1.99)— The Neighborhood Watch App has dynamic reporting capabilities including options to add photos and text to reports from Block Captains, volunteers, or from citizens who want to report anonymously. Linked to a proprietary database of law enforcement agencies from throughout the country, the Neighborhood Watch App enables citizens to report crimes, suspicious activities and community disorder.
  2. SaferBus (free)— users can easily access a bus company’s safety performance record, file a complaint and more from a mobile device. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has developed the SaferBus mobile application to provide 24/7 access to important safety information.
  3. iWitness ($3.99/month)— Allows you to capture audio and video of any incident and transmit what you’ve captured to a secure server accessible to law enforcement. iWitness also allows you to automatically call 911 while sending your exact location and an instant notification to friends or family members.

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