VueZone Wire Free Cameras & 50% Off Code #FathersDay

Personal video network VueZone recently announce that it has been awarded the Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval. PTPA Media is North America’s most credible third party resource for consumers and strives to promote products that enrich family living.

VueZone Wire Free Cameras

VueZone gives parents the ability to check in on what matters to them most – whether it’s kids, pets or the house – from anywhere at any time. VueZone systems starts at $199.95 and is comprised of small, wire-free cameras that can be placed virtually anywhere inside or outside the home, and accessed remotely via the secure VueZone website or mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

VueZone also makes a great gift for Father’s Day! Right now VueZone is offering a special deal for dad - when you purchase any system, get an extra camera 50% off with code LUVDAD.

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