Timo Termo Glassware from Design House Stockholm

Looking to spruce up your glassware? How about these Timo Termo glasses by Timo Sarpaneva - 4 pack of 10oz glasses $69

Timo Termo Glassware Design House Stockholm

Timo glass is now available with an outer spiral-shaped layer of Silicone. The additional layer makes the glass easier to handle when filled with hot beverages, protecting the hand from the heat; and makes it less slippery when wet. It is also dishwasher safe.

About Design House Stockholm

Design House Stockholm was founded in 1993 by Anders Färdig and produces useful, functional design products of timeless beauty that incorporate traditional Scandinavian themes such as the brightness of the Nordic sky, simplicity and natural colors and materials.

Collaborating with more than 60 prominent Scandinavian designers, Design House Stockholm has been the recipient of several prestigious awards. http://www.designhousestockholmusa.com

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