Tablet Teddy Bears Ergonomically Holds iPad for Kids

Tablet Teddy Bears (patents pending), by Dean Theodore, a pediatric occupational therapist turned entrepreneur, is designed for children who frequently use iPads or other tablet devices.

Tablet Teddy Bears holds ipads

Tablet Teddy Bears are designed to hold a range of available tablet devices, including the iPad, Kindle, Galaxy, Playbook, Touchpad and other similar technologies. The mobile, flexible bear arms easily adjust for securely holding different tablet device sizes at various viewing angles, helping maximize consumer comfort during use.and help minimize neck and muscle strain.

Tablet Teddy Bears holds ipads

Tablet Teddy Bears also doubles as fun storage. The detachable backpack fastened to the bear’s back doubles as a convenient iPad/tablet device holder, sized just right for kids, portable without the bear attached, and sturdy enough to protect the iPad/tablet device from excessive wear.

Currently available for $49.99 in three different models/styles: light blue with color swirls; pink with color swirls; and traditional brown plush. Learn more -

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  1. Now this is creative and cute. I don't have an iPad, but if we had one for my kid, this is how we'd store it!

  2. I like that it's functional and fun for the kids!