Scholastic Store SoHo: July Events

Plan on being in the SoHo area this summer? Then make sure to visit The Scholastic Store in SoHo to enjoy events, which are completely free . Below you’ll find a few events from the July calendar.

Scholastic Store SoHo July Events

Alex Little Hands Activity Books!
Saturday, July 7th at 3:00 p.m.
Ages 3-6

Big activities for little hands! Join in for demo Jungle Party and Moody Monsters—two activity/story books chock full of stickers, finger puppets, puzzles, and party hats! These books are great for play dates, rainy days, and road trips. Bring your little monsters and tiger cubs and come play, create, and imagine!

Dragons and Dinosaurs!
Saturday, July 14th at 3:00 p.m.
Ages 4 and up

Stretch out those scales and sharpen your teeth! All about the big and roaring reptilian D’s—dragons and dinosaurs! Grab your shovel and dig for dinosaurs in our giant pit of paleontology, and afterwards, create a fiery friend at our Chinese paper dragon crafting station. You might even find a scaly discount on your favorite dino or dragon book!

Jungle Run!
Saturday, July 21st at 3:00 p.m.
Ages 3 - 7

We’ll be roaring, rumbling, and running all day as we celebrate the release of Tony Mitton’s Jungle Run. Cheetahs, hyenas, and giraffes alike will all compete in a wild animal race! And make sure to practice your stomping and pouncing skills for an exciting round of Jungle Charades! Afterwards, munch on animal crackers and create your very own personalized jungle puppet.

Going for the Gold!
Saturday, July 28th at 3:00 p.m.
Ages 6 and up

We’re celebrating the start of the 2012 Summer Olympics and featuring the new novel, Gold Medal Summer! Break out the spandex, practice your splits, and flip on over for some Olympic-sized fun! Show off your skills during our limbo tournament, compete in our pass-the-torch relay race, and design your very own medal! We’re counting on you bringing home the gold!

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