Help SaneTrash Keep a Garbage Station Out of Harlem Residential Neighborhood

Lately I've been tweeting a lot using the #SaneTrash hashtag on twitter and yesterday I joined in a very important twitter chat also using that hastag.


It's all in an effort to help spread awareness about the City proposal to build a massive industrial garbage facility, called a Marine Transfer Station (MTS), in the middle of a Harlem residential neighborhood. That's right a garbage station right where families live and where children play.

When I first heard about this plan I was shocked. Like really? I thought once the word got out about this the city would scrap this idea. But no. This horrible plan is still in action and the long term side effects IF this should happen can be disastrous.


  • First there's the cost, an estimated $400 million...and rising
  • Second there's the affect to the neighborhood. The station will be 10-stories high and cover two acres over the East River, will operate 24 hours a day, six days a week (and sometimes on Sundays). Can you imagine the noise and pollution level?
  • Third, the garbage facility will bisect areas of Asphalt Green like it's Aqua Center and athletic field where community families use.
  • Fourth the garbage facility is invading a community filled with public and private schools
But there's also a health cost for the area residents. Yorkville and East Harlem already have the worst air quality in the 5 boroughs. East Harlem residents suffer from the highest asthma rate in NYC. Can you imagine what other health concerns will develop with garbage facility pumping out toxins in the area?!

What even more shocking is this doesn't have to happen!

It is much more sensible to continue what the City is currently doing—transporting much of Manhattan’s residential trash in clean air vehicles directly to a “waste to energy” plant in New Jersey. The garbage is then converted to much-needed electrical energy.

If you agree with that solution and want to help stop the unnecessary building of this garbage facility in a community filled with families then attend the FREE concert with guest Caroline Sunshinefor happening today at Asphalt Green Children's Facility. It's family and kid friendly and all are welcome.

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  1. UGH!! This is nutz! How do they think it's okay to do this smack in the middle of a residential neighborhood! Im definitely spreading the word and visiting the SaneTrash site.

  2. Thanks for spreading the word. More people need to know and hopefully we can stop it