Postagram & 4 Other Apps For Summer Travel

Pretty soon all kids will be out of school for the summer and that means family vacation time! This year many parents are using technology to make planning easier, safer and more fun. But with all the travel themed mobile apps available, it can be confusing to know which apps to use.

Apps For Summer Travel

To help you, here are 5 apps I think will come in handy this summer -- from organizing your travel itinerary, to meeting new people and keeping in touch with loved ones while away.

Share your travels: Postagram - (iTunes link)

Even in a digital world, there’s still something nice about receiving postcards in the mail. Postagram allows you to take any photo you’ve captured on your vacation and send it as a personalized postcard – minus a trip the post office! App Price: FREE; Mail delivery fee: 99 cents for US, $1.99 for international

Keep organized: Tripit -

Get peace of mind while traveling by having all your plans in one place. No need to scour through hundreds of emails to find confirmations – or worse, misplace your printouts. Tripit takes all your trip details and creates an itinerary that’s easily accessed and shared on your iPhone or iPad. App price: FREE

Meet new people and stay in touch: WhosHere -

Don’t you wish you could get the real scoop from locals on the best places to eat or things to do in your travel destination? Location-based app WhosHere lets you do just that through a “travel” feature that allows you to safely meet like-minded people ahead of time. And with a video chat feature, you can verify that they’re really who they say they are. The app also allows you to keep in touch with family and friends back home. App Price: FREE

Save your memories: Pholium -

Immortalize your vacation by creating an exquisite summer photo book. Pholium allows the easy creation of high-quality digital photo books on the iPad that you can give to others. Create and share a summer photo book and preserve family memories for a lifetime. App price: $4.99

Be safe: EmergencyLink -

Stay worry-free on your trip by using EmergencyLink. Store your emergency contacts, personal health records, important documents (like a scan of your passport) and other personal details all in one, easily accessible place. Be truly prepared for an emergency wherever you may be in the world through a secure, comprehensive online plan. App Price: FREE

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  1. Thanks for the great list of apps. Very helpful since we're going to be traveling soon.