Huggalo Doll Helps Kids Cope with Separation Anxiety

From apprehensive toddlers to courageous pre-schoolers, one mom has transformed the way children handle life’s transitions with her inspiring doll, Huggalo ($24.95).

Huggalo Doll

Originally created by Donna Broder to help her son adjust to the new world of preschool, Huggalo has become a great transitional toy for any situation. From a military parent’s deployment to the grandparents living cross country, to the first day of school or the passing on of a beloved pet or friend, Huggalo succeeds by pairing something tangible with pictures so kids can see the people they miss.

With its huggable feel and its adorable hip looks, the Huggalo is a best buddy with a surprise on his tummy. A soft and clear plastic frame holds photos so kids can take their favorite people and memories with them on their greatest adventures.

Huggalo was recently awarded the Parents' Choice Recommend Award for the ability to teach life lessons with care. Learn more at -

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