Gaming & Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries Review

It's no secret my son loves playing video games. Soon he'll be out of school and that means he's going to try and play his video games as long as possible. While I doubt I'll let him play for hours on end, for the few hours I do allow, I'd like to make sure he's powered up. When an offer to review Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries, now improved to last up to 9X longer, I had the perfect way to test out the batteries. Gaming!

Video Games Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries

One of the gaming controllers my son uses is wireless so it pulls a lot of power. This means I often need to replace the batteries sooner then I'd like to. No parent wants to deal with a child who's upset because in the middle of a game, their controller lost power!

Video Games Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries

So we installed the Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries and between me and my son, we had some fun gaming sessions. I was happy to noticed the batteries really did last past the point other batteries start to lose their charge.

Video Games Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries
Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries deliver long-lasting power to keep up with today’s high-tech, power hungry devices like digital cameras, photo flash units and handheld GPS devices in convenient 2, 4 and 8 packs.

Features and Functions
  • Last up to 9x longer in digital cameras (versus Energizer® MAX®. results vary by camera.)
  • Weigh 1/3 less than standard alkaline batteries
  • Perform in extreme temperatures from -40°F to 140°F
  • Holds power for 15 years when not in use
  • Leak resistant construction
Please Note: I received a product sample for review purpose. No other compensation was received. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

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