Future Monster Jam Truck Driver? - Wordless Wednesday

monster jam hat and toy truck

After all our fun at the Monster Jam Show (read all my posts here), I bet my son is thinking about driving his own Monster Truck!

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  1. My son sure loves monster trucks!! He is 10 and still plays with the big 'toy' monster truck he got when he was 5! They are very cool, especially after you have seen Monster jam!

  2. Great picture! Every kid should see at least 1 monster truck show in their life. My kids have loved monster trucks since both were both very little. Both of them wanted to be monster truck drivers, and my daughter, 9, still does. She has her truck all designed too. My husband's boss owns 3 monster trucks (Time Flys, Detour, and Fired Up) so she's getting her practice in now with changing tires and learning different things about how the trucks run.

  3. My kids get so excited when they see posters announcing a monster truck show. They know they're in for a night of fun. I have to admit that I really enjoy all the excitement from the crowd.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  4. I know my son would love to see one of these shows!

  5. I'm sure he'd do a mighty fine job at that too! I love all the gear he has one :P