Learning to Roller Skate for the First Time

Being in a hospital with adults, waiting for a baby to be born, can't be fun for a child so I decided to go outside and let my son enjoy some freedom. One of our stops was a roller skating rink, where my son became mesmerized by the skate guard. It wasn't long after my son starting asking to go skating.


Honestly I tried to discourage him. This wasn't the type of activity I had in mind to do while waiting on his baby cousin to be born. Not to mention I was nervous. But my son kept insisting he wanted to skate and everyone at the rink said I should let him soooooooo.


We trade his sneakers for roller skates, made sure his helmet fit properly and off he went with the skate guard. While I can ice skate, I never tried roller skating so couldn't go out there with my son. Besides I'd be too nervous and would probably scare my son. Better let the professional be in charge of my son's first roller skating experience.


After giving the skate guard a mini lecture on not going fast or far, my son was off roller skating. True to his word the skate guard didn't let my son fall and he rolled at a nice easy slow pace. My son on the other hand had his own ideas and tried to speed along. The speeding idea didn't get very far since my son hasn't gotten his balance yet. LOL

After once around my son came back all smiles. It warmed my heart.

Once my son was off the rink, the skate guard told me I should sign him up for lesson. I said yes maybe roller skating might be a fun activity for my son this summer. The skate guard corrected me. He thought my son would be great for Little league ice hockey! And encouraged me to sign my son up right away.


Is this how it starts? The beginning of a sports child?!

What sport or activity did your child first learn?

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