Travel: Solar Eclipse at Redwood National Park

Sun Worshipers at Redwood National Park will be looking to the heavens on May 20 to see an annular eclipse of the sun, in which the moon appears smaller than the sun and is surrounded by a blinding ring of rays.

Solar Eclipse at Redwood National Park

At Elk Meadow Cabins in Orick, on the exact path of the "annular eclipse," a $40 naturalist-guided eclipse tour to the best viewing location will include Eclipse Shades, required for safe eclipse viewing. Find more described at

In Redding, 18.6 miles south of the eclipse’s path, the annular phase will occur between 5:30 and 7 p.m. and last 4 1/2 minutes. One of Redding’s best viewing locations will be at Sundial Bridge, the world’s largest sundial. Find more described at

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