Recovering After Vacation & Doing the Laundry

So this past week we took a nice brief visit to Philly to enjoy the sights. Of course we had a great time. Then we came back home to semi madness. It's like everything and everyone waited patiently for us to come back and then Wham!

doing laundry

Honestly for the first day I think I moved around in a dazed. My mind just couldn't fully make the switch from relaxed slow thinking days back to the hectic whirlwind that can be my life sometimes. I just wasn't ready to make that switch over.

So I did the laundry. Yes the laundry.

I spent time sorting my son's clothing, the towels and the bedding and then headed out to our local laundromat. After loading our laundry in the machines, I sat down and watched the swirling and cleaning happen. My son sat next to me playing video games. For him this was a special treat since we rarely do laundry on a weekday after 8pm.

After our clothing was clean and dry, we started the walk home....only it started raining. *sigh*

If it's not one thing it's something else right?

I think a walk in the rain back home is a fair trade for getting a few extra hours for my mind to relax and prepare for all the stuff waiting to be dealt with.

What simple activity helps your mind to rest when life gets hectic?

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