R Baby Foundation's Emergency Room PSA to Save Babies Lives #RBabyMoms

One of the scariest moments for a new mother is when a child needs to be taken to the emergency room. I never forgot my first emergency room visit. All I wanted was a way to make my son feel better. And I trusted that the emergency room doctors would be able to do that. But what if that trust is misplaced? What if the doctors that I trust to know what to do, lack the training and equipment to treat an infant in need of care?


Me with founder Phyllis Rabinowitz (who lost her baby Rebecca, when she was just 8 days old because of an improper diagnosis at the ED)

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In the U.S. alone, 20,000 newborns die during their first month of life (with 30,000 babies dying before their first birthday each year). Children make up 27 percent of all ED visits, but only 6 percent of EDs in the U.S. have the necessary supplies for pediatric emergencies, and emergency room doctors historically spend only 8% of their training in pediatrics.

Emergency Pediatric Care Needs Our Help and The R Baby Foundation wants to help you know "How to keep your baby safe in the ER"

Please click on the above link and read the rest of my post on BabyCenter. Starting with this post I am joining Kimberly Seals Allers, of Mocha Manual, to write under the Mocha Manual Moms section on BabyCenter. I am very excited to talk about different experiences and issue affecting Moms of African/Caribbean American heritage.

Looking forward to engaging with you and reading your comments

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