Kids with Autism Grow-up to be Adults with Autism

I'm always amazed at Malik's ability to manipulate any type of computer operating system. He does it with such ease that we've nicknamed him Lil Bill Gates. His TV remote skills are not to be played with...He can have No previous knowledge of your TV cable system but, I'll guarantee, he'll become a Master and navigate your cable network quicker than you can say "hey, turn that down". LOL


Cassandra Moore is a Harlem, NYC born and raised transplant to GA, a wife of over 20 years and a proud mom to her son. A 17year old non ~ verbal young Man with a diagnosis of Autism. Find Cassandra blogging at Addicted2Malik 

While on the other hand, realizing the danger of fire and knowing if he gets too close to the stove it'll burn....never occurs to him.

That's one of the tricky confusing traits of a person with Autism. The difficult task they can do with such ease and, the simple (they should know) task are more of a struggle. With this (and many other) types of behaviors I realize my son will need constant care.

Care, for his entire LIFE! In December Malik will be 18years old! My focus for the last few years has been to prepare him to be as independent as possible! Some days its easier than others but, its always a challenge.

Since, Malik has been making his High School transition, I've noticed services aren't as readily available. There aren't as many Autism Walks or celebrity advocacy for Adults. Which is really disheartening...I wonder what do these groups think happens to the children with Autism? Where do they go? Who advocates for them?

Well, I know. The answer is the same as its been since we first got our diagnosis back in husband and I! Malik is Non Verbal so we have to be the voice for him and countless others like him.

Our Journey has been a loooooong road! At times bumpy and other times smooth...Our journey has knocked me down many many times but never knocked me out....And, you know what's STILL Our Journey and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

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