IdeaPaint New CLEAR Dry Erase Paint Turns Any Surface Into A Whiteboard

IdeaPaint, the creator of high-performance dry erase paint solutions, recently announced the introduction of CLEAR, a certified low-emission, virtually odorless, LEED-compliant dry erase paint.

IdeaPaint CLEAR Dry Erase Paint

IdeaPaint CLEAR can be applied over any type / color of interior paint to achieve a dry erase space that blends with any decor. Now any smooth surface can be transformed into a functioning “whiteboard” or “colorboard,” canvas for creativity and collaboration.

IdeaPaint CLEAR may also be applied over hardwood, ceramic tile, hard plastics and other versatile surfaces. IdeaPaint CLEAR also offers roller or spray application options, and it has a 10-year warranty. While CLEAR is currently available for commercial use; IdeaPaint has plans to launch a variation of the product for general consumer use later this year.

In celebration of the release of CLEAR, IdeaPaint has partnered with charity: water to help raise money and awareness for their efforts to provide clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations. For every kit of CLEAR sold, IdeaPaint will donate $25 to charity: water, up to a $25,000 donation. One hundred percent of IdeaPaint’s donation will directly fund sustainable water solutions in areas of tremendous need.

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  1. What a cool idea - my kids would love that!

  2. It's is a nice idea right? No more worrying about the kids writing and ruining the walls