Godiva Spirits Luncheon & Aromatic Allure Drink Recipe

I was beyond excited to receive an invite from Godiva / Godiva Spirits to a private Mother's Day Mommy Blogger celebration at A Voce Columbus. I spent the morning enjoying lunch, cocktails made with Godiva Liqueurs and conversation with other "mom" bloggers attending.

Food, drinks and friends, what an awesome combination

Godiva Spirits Mom Blogger Luncheon

Note: I was invited as media and received a gift bag after the event. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

Godiva Spirits Mom Blogger Luncheon
Godiva Spirits Mom Blogger Luncheon
Godiva Spirits Mom Blogger Luncheon

The morning started with a sampling of Les Femmes Coupe a cocktail made with Godiva Chocolate Raspberry Vodka. It was light and delicious. Mine came with a little flower garnish. How fun!

Godiva Spirits Mom Blogger Luncheon

While sipping on my Les Femmes Coupe, I learned about fun and simple ways to entertain family or guest after a meal. After dinner drinks can be dressed with a fancy glass or a fun element like a rock sugar encrusted stirrer. You can serve the after dinner drinks with yummy treats like Godiva bonbons or macaroons.

Godiva Spirits Mom Blogger Luncheon

Me with Pam (Triple Threat Mommy) and Brianne (Stroller in the City)

Godiva Spirits Mom Blogger LuncheonGodiva Spirits Mom Blogger Luncheon

with Aly (SheKnows)

Soon it was time to join the other moms and sit down to enjoy lunch. The inspiration for lunch came from Executive Chef Missy Robbins highlighting her mother's signature dish. Moms are some of the best cooks!

Godiva Spirits Mom Blogger Luncheon

We started with Misticanza paired with Parisian Breakfast, made with Godiva Chocolate Raspberry Vodka

Godiva Spirits Mom Blogger Luncheon

Next was a Brisket paired with The Aromatic Allure, made with Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur

Godiva Spirits Mom Blogger Luncheon

At the end was a Chocolate Cannoli paired with Haute & Steamy, made with Godiva Chocolate Vodka

Godiva Spirits Mom Blogger Luncheon

After we enjoyed everything we had a chance to meet and thank Executive Chef Missy Robbins. She received a very loud round of applause from the moms at the table. it's not everyday mom receive such a treat. I felt very honored for all my hard work the past 4 years with my son. *laughing*

Huge thank you to Godiva / Godiva Spirits for the luncheon and all that they do to make our lives a little sweeter each and every day.

Now it's your turn to enjoy a treat at home.
Godiva- the name synonymous with chocolate- has taken that expertise to a line of creamy Liqueurs that are truly indulgent. The Original Chocolate Liqueur features the velvety smooth taste of pure Godiva Chocolate. They blend tastes from around the world to create three other unique flavors: White Chocolate. Mocha, and Caramel. The result is a line of Liqueurs like no other.

Godiva Chocolate Infused Vodka has the perfect balance of crisp, smooth vodka and rich, creamy chocolate. Meanwhile Godiva Chocolate Raspberry Infused Vodka is inspired by the Chocolatier's top-selling namesake truffle. Both flavors are easy to enjoy on the rocks, or as the ultimate chocolate martini.
Here's a recipe for The Aromatic Allure


1/3 ounce Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur
1 ounce gin
2/3 ounce Saffron Vanilla Syrup
2/3 ounce fresh lemon juice
2 droppers Cherry Bark Vanilla Bitters

  • Combine Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur, gin, saffron vanilla syrup, fresh lemon juice and cherry bark vanilla bitters into a mixing glass and stir.
  • Strain contents into a coupe glass.
For more information and recipes for Godiva Liqueurs and Vodka visit - www.drinkgodiva.com

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  1. Love your post! And wow great pics! I was sitting next to you the whole time and didn't realize how many pics you were taking lol!!! Enjoyed your company! Xx

  2. Wow - what a great event! Glad you ladies all had a great time!

  3. It was such a great lunch. I'm just bummed that I missed the cannoli.

  4. @Brianne, I was really quick to take the photo so I can eat. LOL

    @Vida, It was such a fun event. Good food, friends and drinks!

    @Kimberly, The cannoli was so yummy. Sorry you missed it. But I enjoyed for the both of us :)

  5. I posted a beautiful picture of you... http://www.partybluprintsblog.com/party-themes/mothers-day-cocktail-recipes/

  6. Im with Kimberly - such a great lunch with great peeps (you ladies!)....but bummed that I missed the dessert part. Looks so delish