Disappointment & My Mama Hook Mug from Disney Junior

As a blogger, who just happens to be a mom, I tend to get stuff from pr people. Some stuff I directly request, some stuff come as a surprise. Some items are sent to me as a way for PR people to say thank you for working with us. Or in the case of a recent item received, from a pr agency, as a way to celebrate an occasion. In this case Mother's Day.


Please Note: I received the mug as a gift and it inspired me to write this post. No compensation was received. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

So what did I receive? This "Mom Hook" mug came from the Disney Channel PR folks that work on the Disney Junior's "Jake and the Never Land Pirates" Kids show. On the front of the mug it says "Mama Hook Know Best". I cracked up laughing when I read that. All moms can identify with THAT thought. We do think we know best for our families. Or at least we try.

That's the thing about Motherhood, we try to teach our children the best ways in living life. We hope the lesson we teach stay with our children as they grow. Sometime we're lucky and our lessons stick. Sadly, other times our lesson go unlearned...or maybe learned the hard way. Either way all we can do is try.

Like Mama Hook. Do you really think she raised her son, Captain Hook to rob and steal from people? You bet she didn't! Wonder what she'd do when she finds out?

In the episode titled "Mama Hook Knows Best," Captain Hook's very own mother, Mama Hook (voiced by famous mum Sharon Osbourne) comes to pay her son a visit and discovers that he's been stealing treasure from Jake and his crew. Disappointed in her son's pilfering ways, she sets out to teach him an important lesson about sharing. This will be her debut on Disney Junior's "Jake and the Never Land Pirates" this Mother's Day Weekend. The new episode will premiere Saturday, May 12 at 8:30 a.m., ET/PT on Disney Channel. The episode will also be presented that same day (11:00 a.m., ET/PT) on the new 24- hour Disney Junior channel and will encore as part of the channel's Mother's Day themed marathon on Sunday, May 13 (11:00 a.m., ET/PT). There's also a fun activity for children at www.DisneyJunior.com/MamaHook. An interactive game "A Treasure for Mama Hook," asks players to help Jake, Izzy and Cubby plan a treasure hunt for Captain Hook and his mother. Kids can then print out a treasure chest to color and give to their own mothers.

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