Kiwi Crate's Garden Crate : Great Kids Earth Day Project

As Earth Day approaches I'm searching for child friendly ways to teach my son about the environment. I really like the idea of Kiwi Crate’s new release the Garden Crate (featured on Good Morning America’s Steals and Deals).

Kiwi Crates Garden Crate

The Kiwi Crate’s Garden Crate includes a window garden kit that allows kids to watch their own squash and green beans grow, along with instructions from Lauri Kranz on planting the vegetables outside. Two recipes provided by Catherine McCord incorporate the squash and green beans from the crate. The Garden Crate also features a project that encourages artistic expression. With pots, clay and cards, kids can take inspiration from gardens to design their own flowers and plants.

Kiwi Crate provides families with all the materials and inspiration needed to create, discover, and explore with art, science, crafts, and more – right to their front doors. Every month, a different theme is introduced, like Ocean Exploration, Colors, and Dinosaurs. Parents can spend quality time with kids – without the stress of pre-planning or shopping for materials.

Each project delivered by Kiwi Crate is designed by parents, reviewed by child development experts and tested by kids.

The Garden Crate will be available if subscribers sign up from now until April 18. The crates ship on April 15 and on April 23, so it is a great Earth Day activity for children.

Kiwi Crate subscriptions are available online at At $19.95 per month with free shipping, subscriptions are billed monthly and may be cancelled at any time. Additional ideas are available at the Kiwi Crate blog,

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