Heelys Spring Fall 2012 Radical New Designs

With the new school year just around the corner, U.S.-based Heelys, Inc. is ready to hit-the-ground rolling, offering back-to-school products with the perfect blend of function, form and fun. Heelys, best known for its popular "wheel-in-the-heel" shoes, will be introducing several new designs developed to help students get the most out of their Heelys at school and elsewhere.

The fall 2012 line-up will include new styles that are drastically different from traditional Heelys.


The first -- an athletic-style shoe -- was designed with an EVA midsole, which makes the shoe ultra-lightweight while giving it the classic profile of a running shoe. It also includes strategically placed rubber tread to provide maximum grip.


Another new style features an outsole designed specifically for girls, a first for Heelys. These shoes provide a little extra height for the wearer, giving her a versatile look that goes great with skirts, shorts or jeans.
"Some parents might have concerns about their kids not being allowed to wear Heelys to school, but the wheels are completely removable and can be popped out in a matter of seconds. Then you just pop in the sole plug and they become regular street shoes.

We're going to be introducing new footwear styles in time for back-to-school that are 'firsts' for our company. We wanted to create new products that were true to the Heelys brand, but also more reflective of our customers' individual lifestyles," said Rick Groesch, Heelys chief commercial officer.
The fall line will be available online and in stores July 31, 2012. To see Heelys' full line of products, visit http://shop.heelys.com

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  1. My daughter has ALWAYS wanted a pair of these. She is a size 13 and we have only seen them in big girls' sizes. I know she will go NUTZ for the black girlie shoes!!!!!