Greensleeve Eco Friendly iPad Case #EarthDay

Gone Studio, a design company offering post-petroleum products for the home and office, launches Greensleeve, a 100-percent petroleum-free iPad case made with zero-energy manufacturing.


Made from all-natural sheep wool felt, the eco-friendly Greensleeve iPad case originated in the design labs of Gone Studio after the Gulf Coast oil spill. Founder and creator Dr. George Elvin wanted to avoid using petroleum products in his design, so he created a modern, biodegradable case without using plastic. Elvin manufactures the Greensleeve iPad case without energy using a 1935 Singer foot-powered sewing machine in his studio outside of Indianapolis.

“Almost all iPad cases on the market use some form of plastic, but with the increase in petroleum issues over the last several years, we wanted to develop a practical, stylish iPad case that consumers felt good about using,” Elvin says.

With soft, durable fabric and a steel-button closure, the full-coverage Greensleeve iPad case fits the original iPad and the iPad 2 and is ideal for everyday use and protection. While in the case, the headphone jack is fully accessible, and the WiFi, Bluetooth and all-data and voice transmission are available for use.

The Greensleeve iPad case is available in two colors, kiwi and charcoal, and can be purchased on for $29.90.

To learn more about Elvin’s Greensleeve iPad case and design, visit

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