BloodSTOP Helps Control Bleeding In 1 Minute

As all parents knows, kids seem to get a lot of boo boo's before adulthood. There's always a scrape, bump or something worse...a real open wound of some sort.


I remember when my son busted open his chin and we had to go to the emergency room. I was so worried about his open cut and wished I had something to seal and protect it till we saw the doctor. I didn't have anything then but I recently learned about something I could have used. Something like BloodSTOP, a new blood stopping agent that clots blood from nosebleeds, minor cuts and scrapes, to more serious wounds in 60 seconds. Wow!


So how does it work? According to the info I read, you just place BloodSTOP on a wound, and it will react with blood to form a gel that seals the wound, aids in blood clotting and remains until it heals. It's water soluble; non-irritating, environmentally friendly and since there are no adhesives used there is no discomfort caused when removing. Just simply wash it away.

As a mom of a very active little boy, I plan on stocking up on a few of these for the next time my son gets a serious cut...or even for myself. Moms get boo boos also!

BloodStop has received FDA market clearance for both prescription and over the counter sales. For more information please visit the website at

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