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As we get near to next month’s release of Marvel’s The Avengers movie, many companies are featuring all sorts of cool things with the Avengers theme. I recently learned about a few apps that I know fellow fans of the comic books and Avengers world are going to love.

Disney Publishing Worldwide has released new storybook apps based on the Marvel Origins series – both narrated by comic legend Stan Lee! These apps bring the anticipation for the movie to mobile devices, allowing fans to read along with Stan Lee as they relive the epic origins of the Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor.

Avengers Origins AssembleAvengers Origins Assemble

Avengers Origins: Assemble!”

The “Assemble” story is the perfect introduction to exciting Super Heroes like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and more. The app features innovative, interactive activities include matching heroic accessories with each Super Hero, using Thor’s powers and the Hulk’s strength to stop the Atlanteans and Namor, and melting the ice to free Captain America from his frozen prison! Available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch ($1.99).

Avengers Origins HulkAvengers Origins Hulk

Avengers Origins: Hulk

Follow Stan Lee’s story narration of Dr. Bruce Banner’s epic transformation into the Incredible Hulk. The app features detailed artwork, cutting-edge animations, and interactive touch-screen activities, including roaring, transforming into the Hulk, and testing the Hulk’s strength by breaking through walls, stopping tanks, and more. Available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch ($1.99).


"Marvel's The Avengers: Iron Man - Mark VII" is an epic interactive comic book experience through the design logs of super hero Tony Stark as he journeys from his Mark I armor, used to escape from captivity in the Ten Rings insurgents' cave, to the high-powered Mark VI armor, used to vanquish Ivan Vanko and his army of Hammer Drones.

Immerse yourself in the genius, grit and humor of Stark and team up with all your favorite Iron Man characters, including Pepper Potts, J.A.R.V.I.S., and James Rhodes, as Stark finds inspiration for his latest innovation, the Mark VII.

App Features

  • 15+ pages of an all-new story by fan fave creators, writer Fred Van Lente and artist Steve Kurth! Plus an all-new cover by the legendary Adi Granov!
  • Hit musical soundtrack from the Iron Man and Iron Man II movies!
  • Dozens of interactions that react to tilt, touch, and drag to give you full control over the experience!
  • Also available on Google Play & the Amazon App Store
  • Optimized for the new iPad retina display!
Available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch (FREE)

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