Anne Geddes my Pregnancy Magazine at Destination Maternity

This weekend I headed to Destination Maternity flagship store on 57th street & Madison Ave for a meet and greet with famous photographer Anne Geddes. Anne was there to launch her new pregnancy project my Pregnancy: A Woman's Story.

Anne Geddes my Pregnancy Magazine

During the meet and greet I was able to get my copy of the magazine signed and speak one on one with Anne about why she partnered with Destination Maternity and if this magazine meant a new direction for her.

Anne explained that Destination Maternity was a great fit for her new my Pregnancy magazine since they share similar theme and purpose; to fully embrace and cherishes pregnant women. Starting this new projects isn't really a new direction. Even though she's primarily known for photographing newborns, she's always loved photographing pregnant women.

My conversation with Anne, took an interesting turn when she asked me if my son was adopted. I explained that he was all mine and I gave birth to him.

We then started a discussion about the increase in biracial children and interracial families worldwide. Anne shared she has met and photographed some of them. We briefly talked about the Aboriginal families of Australia and their mixed heritage. It was an interesting conversation that sparked a few ideas for me and hopefully for Anne also.

Kaiya in Anne Geddes my Pregnancy Magazine

Once home I looked over my copy of my Pregnancy magazine and was excited to see the story of a mom of color included (even if she was the only one). Kaiya, who is indigenous (part Aboriginal, part South Sea Islander; Torres Strait Islander and part West Ghanaian). I was proud to read that Kaiya, a young 20 year old mom, breastfed her son right after delivery. Woot for breastfeeding!

The other mothers stories are also inspiring so make sure to pick up a copy and read!

Anne Geddes my Pregnancy Magazine

About my Pregnancy: A Woman’s Story

my Pregnancy is a high-quality collectible magazine featuring women’s intimate and emotional stories recounting their pregnancies and births. The stories are accompanied by Anne’s photo imagery of the women in their final months of pregnancy and selected elements of nature to explore themes of mystery and loveliness.

After their babies were born, the women were invited back into Anne’s studio to candidly tell their unique stories. Each story is also illustrated with personal photographs of each woman and behind-the-scenes imagery from Anne’s studio.

The U.S. edition of my Pregnancy: A Woman’s Story is the continuation of Anne's my Pregnancy project, which debuted to acclaim in Australia in 2011 and was the result of over two years of her passionate work with pregnant women, whose rich and diverse narratives are heartwarming, courageous, and compelling.

Beginning April 25, 2012, my Pregnancy will be sold in North America for the first time, exclusively at the 578 Destination Maternity, A Pea in the Pod, and Motherhood Maternity stores in the United States and Canada, and online at, and

For more information about Anne Geddes visit -

Please Note: I was invited as media and received a copy of my Pregnancy. No other compensation was received. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

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  1. That's great you met Anne Geddes and had some good conversations with her. Thanks for sharing about the project.

  2. Good conversations are always good to have. Especially when to comes to motherhood