United Nations Foundation Shot@Life Twitter party #shotatlife

The United Nations Foundation is having a Shot@Life twitter party this Wednesday to raises awareness and funding in the U.S. to get lifesaving vaccines to children in developing countries. Did you know that 1.7 million children died last year from preventable diseases like measles and pneumonia? In fact a child dies every 20 seconds of a disease that could have been prevented by a vaccine.


Imagine if nearly half the children enrolling in kindergarten this year in the United States were to die of diseases that can be prevented by a vaccine. That’s how many children die each year in developing countries because they don’t get the shots they need. Though these children seem a world away, they aren’t any different from the children in each of our own lives.

Join United Nations Foundation Shot@Life Twitter party

Wednesday, March 14th,
9pm EST
Hashtag: #shotatlife
Follow: @shotatlife

Please join in to learn more about what you can do to help.

Other ways you can make a difference
  • Be a child’s @shotatlife. Sign up to change a child’s life forever at shotatlife.org
  • Help us invest in a healthier world by immunizing a child. Join shot@life.org today and
  • For a donation of $20, you can immunize a child against four of the most deadly and disabling diseases: polio, measles, rotavirus and pneumonia. Give a child a shot at a healthy life at shotatlife.org/donate
  • Add your voice to the global movement to reduce under-five child deaths

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  1. Onica, I truly enjoy reading your posts. They are not just uplifting posts but to see a young black female with a biracial child endure the challenges that are attached to both, is truly uplifting in a world filled with often times selfish people. I'm very passionate about the children in our world today. Too many eye openers are out there and it's sad to see people tend not to step out to the plate and lend a helping hand. Kudos to you Onica, and keep up the good work. You are beautiful and so is your son. God's creations are always beautiful. Sorry I cannot attend the shotatlife party but I will be following your inspiring posts on that. Stay blessed young lady.

  2. Thank you very much for your encouraging comment. I really appreciate it