Tropicana Trop50 Red Orange #RedOrange

Last year I wrote about Tropicana Trop50 new Lemonade & Raspberry Lemonades. They both tasted SO good. Now I'm excited to share that Trop50 has a new flavor - Tropicana Trop50 Red Orange - delivering the goodness of orange juice with 50 percent less sugar and calories, and no artificial sweeteners.

Tropicana Trop50 Red Orange

Please Note: I received a Trop50 coupon to purchase a sample for review. No other compensation was received. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

I received a coupon to sample Trop50 Red Orange and really liked it. The taste is a bit more on the tarty side then sweet but I think that what makes it new and fun to drink. It's also a little bit fuller in flavor then the other Trop50 flavors.

Found in your chilled aisle, the new Trop50 Red Orange juice beverage blends traditional oranges with Italian red oranges for an sweet exotic smooth flavor. A 8oz glass of Trop50 Red Orange contains 100% of your day’s Vitamin C, and is a good source of potassium.

While Trop50 Red Orange has limited distribution, it will be rolling out nationwide in the next few weeks. Visit the Store Locator for a retailer near you.

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