Staples Eco Friendly Home & Office Products

As we get closer to Earth Day, I'm on the hunt for eco friendly products. I was happy to learn that Staples has a Sustainable Earth Brand product line. How cool is that? Now I can get business and office items that won't harm the earth!


Made with renewable resources and recycled materials, the SEB products are made with the environment in mind and help lessen the impact on the environment.


Staples Sustainable Earth Brand Mouse Pad
  • Made from 75% recycled rubber from used car and truck tires
  • Works with optical or standard mouse
  • Available in retail stores for $8.99


Staples Sustainable Earth Brand Calculator
  • Made in part from recycled ink and toner cartridges that Staples collects from its customers as part of its Staples Rewards program
  • Available at Staples retail stores and for $5.00


Staples Sustainable Earth Brand Notebook
  • The 9 1/2" x 6" or 8 1/2” x 11” notebook is made from sugar cane waste, which saves trees from being cut down
  • Great to keep a prioritized task list and carry around for on-the-go additions
  • Available now in retail stores and on starting at $3.29
Included in the line are many eco-friendly products such as bamboo USBs, all-purpose cleaner as well as a line of kitchen products like compostable cutlery, plates and paper towels.

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