PLAYTIME! Helps Families Enjoy Theatre Shows Like Blood Knot

A few weeks ago, thanks to MamaDrama and PLAYTIME!, I was able to see the off Broadway show BLOOD KNOT by Athol Fugard. Before becoming a parent I enjoyed seeing a Broadway or off Broadway show. But after becoming a mom, figuring out childcare so I can get out to a show wasn't easy. But now that my son is older I'm excited about the service that PLAYTIME! offers parents.

Athol Fugard Blood Knot
Athol Fugard Blood Knot

About Blood Knot at Signature Theatre

Between patchwork walls in a one-room shack, two biracial South African brothers grapple with crippling poverty and lonely isolation. Morris, is light-skinned enough to pass for white, but dark-skinned Zach feels imprisoned by his job at a whites-only park. Athol Fugard's revolutionary breakthrough play is a searing indictment of apartheid and one of his most celebrated works.

Blood Knot was a great reintroduction for me into the theater world. It had all the elements of humor, excitement and thought provoking dialogue. While it was just 2 actors on a stage set, I didn't mind that there was no singing or dancing. I enjoyed the simple and straightforward acting on such a powerful but touchy subject. It's hard to believe that the "racial" theme of the play was written so long ago. That shows how classic the story really is. I enjoyed it!

Playtime Service

PLAYTIME! is a New York Theatre's child enrichment program that makes sure the children of theatre-going parents are well cared by providing an afternoon of the arts with Playtime's "ArtiSitters" while their parents enjoy a show. Childcare is provided by Sitters Studio, a bonded and insured agency. All of Sitters Studio's sitters are working artists, and while parents catch a show, their kids learn songs, dances, theater games, and make crafts, so they BOTH walk away with a new cultural experience!

So how does the service work? It's starts when you signup online with your theater and your child's information. A few days later you receive a call from PLAYTIME! confirming everything and to see if you have additional questions. On the day of your show, you drop the kids off at PLAYTIME! before heading over to enjoy your show.

One of the things I liked about the PLAYTIME! service was the followup. I was able to speak to a live person about my son's allergies and nap-time schedule (I was seeing Blood Knot at night). During the drop off, I had that same personal live check in with someone who listened to my concerns and suggestions.

While they did assure me that someone would text me (your allowed to keep you phone during the show) I was still able to check in during intermission to see how my son was doing.

When I picked my son up after the show, I was given a checklist for him that shows he's activity during this time there. I even got to take home his pirate outfit. Apparently they were acting as pirates. LOL

The one thing I didn't like about the PLAYTIME! service is that I wasn't able to visit the studio where the activities would be. They did explain why and assured me they had everything covered from snacks to playtime.

Overall, the PLAYTIME! service is a great idea for families looking to enjoy a night at the theater.

Thanks to MamaDrama and PLAYTIME! for helping me have a night out.


Please Note: I received complimentary show tickets via Playtime and MamaDrama for review purposes. No other compensation was received. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

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