The MOMS & Mayim Bialik Discuss 'Beyond the Sling' & Attachment Parenting

This week TheMoms hosted an event with Mayim Bialik, child star of TV sitcom Blossom and actress on CBS's "The Big Bang Theory", to discuss her new book 'Beyond the Sling: A Real-Life Guide to Raising Children the Attachment Parenting Way" holistic attachment parenting and how having a PhD in neuroscience helps her parent her two sons.

The MOMS Mayim BialikThe MOMS Mayim Bialik

During the event Mayim explained how as a new parent she did what many new moms do— read tons of books, talked with other parents, etc but was drawn to attachment parenting.

The MOMS Mayim Bialik

Within her book, Mayim presents the major tenets of attachment parenting which includes:
  • CO-SLEEPING - How to avoid "sleep training" and get a great night's sleep for the whole family.
  • BREASTFEEDING - Learn how to listen to your baby's cues rather than sticking to a rigid schedule—and why people on airplanes love a nursing mother.
  • BABY WEARING - How to "wear" your baby in a sling or a wrap to develop a closer bond with your child—it's possible even for mamas with bad backs (and with big babies)!
  • GENTLE DISCIPLINE - How to get your child to behave without yelling, threats, or time-outs—it really can be done.
Mayim also talked about some of the myths and fears that parents have about attachment parenting, like children will be spoiled or wont learn how to function in the 'real' world. etc. Many of these fears are unfounded since many children grow up to be adults who lead lives with no issues.

The MOMS Mayim Bialik

I learned that the attachment parenting method is a set of guideline for parents to follow. It's adjustable to suit most parenting lifestyle. A working mom can practice attachment parenting just as well as a stay at home mom. It's about being with the child in a comforting supportive way.

While Mayim is advocate for this parenting lifestyle she's not preachy or judgmental about it. I found her warm, inviting and laugh out loud funny during the event. It's this same tone that can be found in her book, which is an enjoyable read. Make sure to pick up her book!

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